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Motion Sickness Advice Compared

Motion Sickness Tips
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See the bottom of the page for tips on video gaming sickness.

Read or watch TV and videos         
Be around strong odors     
Consume alcohol      
Consume caffeine         
Eat heavy meals      
Eat spicy or greasy foods     
Look at or talk to others who are ill        
Smoke or sit with smokers         
Sit just behind the front door         
Sit in the front seat    
Sit near or over the wing   
Sit near a window       
Sit in the middle, near the waterline     
Be on the deck or in the upper deck   
Face forward         
Sit near the front, next to a window         
Breathe fresh air    
Chew gum         
Eat a light meal before travel        
Enjoy some mint         
Enjoy some lemon drops        
Face direction of travel       
Keep your head still       
Lie down and/or close eyes    
Lightly sniff rubbing alcohol wipes         
Munch on snacks or salty items     
Nibble dry saltines or crackers       
Sip clear carbonated drinks       
Stay hydrated          
Take antihistamines prior to travel      
Consume some ginger    
Try a high-protein drink         
Use a fan or listen to music       

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Motion Sickness Due to Video Games
The accepted term for that particular variety of motion sickness has been called "simulator sickness" ...

It doesn't affect just video-game players. A 1995 report by the U.S. Army Research Institute found that almost half the military pilots who used flight simulators developed aftereffects — and 10 percent of those respondents had symptoms lasting more than 4 hours.

How can you fix it? You might try sitting farther away from the screen so that it doesn't fill your field of vision. Also, experience often helps you get over it. It seems that after enough exposure to dizzying graphics, your brain learns that you don't die from poison every time you play a first- person shooter, and it lets you enjoy your fun.

- Popular Mechanics, "Videogame Motion Sickness: Tech Clinic Diagnosis," Aug. 2007.

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